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Barratts Willow China - 14 items found.

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Creamer or Jug c1950s Maker: Barratts  Pattern:Willow
Creamer or Jug c1950s
Small jug with fluted body. Backstamp: Willow Barratts of Staffordshire England Minor signs of use, overall excellent condition.
Dimensions: 0.15 ltr, 9.5 cm high / 0.25 pint, 3.75 ins high
Our ref: WLPT42917

Jug or Creamer c1930s Maker: Barratts  Pattern:Willow
Jug or Creamer c1930s
Small round jug with lovely printed detail to the handle. Backstamp: Willow Barratts of Staffordshire England. A little blue smudging otherwise excellent condition.
Dimensions: 0.3 ltr, 7.5 cm high / 0.5 pint, 3 ins high
Our ref: WLPT41958

Creamer or Jug c1940s Maker: Barratts  Pattern:Willow
Creamer or Jug c1940s
An extremely sweet little ovoid jug. There is a little discolouration to part of the foot otherwise in excellent condition.
Dimensions: 8 cm high, 0.15 ltr / 3 ins high, 0.25 pint
Our ref: WLPT40082

Bowl Maker: Barratts  Pattern:Willow
This is a lovely bowl with gilt rim and gilt line decoration around the central pattern. Gilt beautifully intact. Pattern on the inside only.
Dimensions: 22 cm diameter, 5 cm high / 8.75 ins diameter, 2 ins high
Our ref: WLPT24398

Sauce Boat c1980s Maker: Barratts  Pattern:Willow
Sauce Boat c1980s
Lovely boat with fluted body and in excellent condition. Blue printed backstamp Willow Barratts of Staffordshire England.
Dimensions: 17 cm from spout to handle, 10 cm high / 6.5 ins from spout to handle, 3.75 ins high
Our ref: WLPT40482

Teacup and Saucer c1950s Maker: Barratts  Pattern:Willow
Teacup and Saucer c1950s
With fluted detail to the cup and rim of the saucer. Backstamp: Impressed Made in England on cup, Barratts of Staffordshire England on saucer. A few signs of wear, mainly around the foot of the cup and inside the cup, under the glaze, is a little black smudging.
Dimensions: Cup 8 cm diameter, 7 cm high, saucer 14 cm / Cup 3.25 ins diameter 2.75 ins high saucer 5.5 ins
Our ref: WLPT47427

Plate c1950s Maker: Barratts  Pattern:Willow
Plate c1950s
With fluted detail to the rim. Backstamp: Barratts of Staffordshire England. Excellent condition.
Dimensions: 17.5 cm / 7 ins
Our ref: WLPT24400

Plate Maker: Barratts  Pattern:Willow
Fluted rim. Minor signs of wear otherwise fine. Black printed backstamp Willow Barratts of Staffordshire England.
Dimensions: 23 cm / 9 ins
Our ref: WLPT35425

Plate c1980s Maker: Barratts  Pattern:Willow
Plate c1980s
Large plate with gently fluted rim. Backstamp: Barratts of Staffordshire England. A little surface scratching otherwise excellent condition.
Dimensions: 25.5 cm / 10 ins
Our ref: WLPT40457

Fruit Saucer c1990s Maker: Barratts  Pattern:Willow
Fruit Saucer c1990s
Small dish with fluted rim. There is a small area underneath which is unglazed and has a small blemish otherwise excellent.
Dimensions: 13.5 cm diameter / 5.25 ins diameter
Our ref: WLPT40487

Dessert Plate c1950s Maker: Barratts  Pattern:Willow
Dessert Plate c1950s
Dessert or small soup plate with rim.
Dimensions: 20.5 cm / 8 ins
Our ref: WLPT40459

Soup Plate c1940s Maker: Barratts  Pattern:Willow
Soup Plate c1940s
With gilt. Excellent condition.
Dimensions: 20 cm diameter / 8 ins diameter
Our ref: WLPT23997

Dish Schweppes Promotional Maker: Barratts  Pattern:Willow
Dish Schweppes Promotional
Small Schweppes promotional dish. Backstamp: Barratts Made in England. A little minor surface scratching otherwise excellent condition
Dimensions: 12 cm diameter / 4.75 ins diameter
Our ref: WLPT30416

Ramekin c1990s Maker: Barratts  Pattern:Willow
Ramekin c1990s
One or two lines of crazing and a small blemish inside.
Dimensions: 9 cm diameter, 5.5 cm high / 3.5 ins diameter, 2.25 ins high
Our ref: WLPT40474


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