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Davenport Muleteer China - 8 items found.

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Jug or Pitcher c1850 Maker: Davenport  Pattern:Muleteer
Jug or Pitcher c1850
This is a fabulous large jug with wonderful scene either side of the body but it has seen active service! Backstamp: DAVENPORT. It is crazed with a star hairline crack underneath but this does not go through to the inside. The spout is quite worn and chipped and there is a chip to the foot rim. There is some wear to the handle, but overall a lovely jug.
Dimensions: 2.25 ltr, 17 cm high / 3.75 pint, 6.75 ins high
Our ref: 19CN41993

Jug or Pitcher c1850 Maker: Davenport  Pattern:Muleteer
Jug or Pitcher c1850
A most interesting pattern printed in a pretty shade of blue. Cathedral in the background with watermill infront beside a river. On the other side of the river a woman on a mule/horse being led by a man and a couple of figures on the river bank. Pretty floral border to both inside and out of the rim, with a floral pattern along the handle. There is some rubbing to the spout. The handle has a hairline to the base and shows signs of wear and discolouration. There are two small "dings" to the body of the jug. Inspite of all, is a lovely lovely jug.
Dimensions: 14 cm high / 5.5 ins high
Our ref: 19CN22277

Mustard Pot c1850 Maker: Davenport  Pattern:Muleteer
Mustard Pot c1850
Delightful little pot with side handle and cut out to the cover. Backstamp: Davenport. There is wear, discolouration and thin glaze around the rim the latter giving the blue a slightly grey hue and also a little wear and discolouration to the inner rim and the handle. Inside to the base there are a few minor blemishes. The cover has wear to the finial resulting in loss of glaze and a small hairline to one corner of the cut out. All sounds awful but in reality this is a lovely little piece.
Dimensions: Base diameter 6.5 cm, overall height 10 cm / Base diameter 2.5 ins, overall height 4 ins
Our ref: 19CN46127

Meat Dish or Platter c1868 Maker: Davenport  Pattern:Muleteer
Meat Dish or Platter c1868
A scene from Davenport's popular Muleteer series. The glaze is crazed and there is a hairline crack running down from the rim at 1 o'clock for 2.25ins, 6cm. Overall bright and clean, looks fine on display. Blue printed backstamp Muleteer in cartouche with Davenport beneath. Impressed Davenport over anchor and 4:68 for April 1868.
Dimensions: 41.5 x 33cm / 16.25 x 13ins
Our ref: 19CN27657

Mug small c1850 Maker: Davenport  Pattern:Muleteer
Mug small c1850
A delightful small mug with continuous scene around the body and pretty border pattern around the inside rim and along the line of the handle. Backstamp: Davenport. Light all over crazing with a little blue smudging and to the top rim two small rubs. Overall excellent condition.
Dimensions: 8 cm diameter, 8 cm deep / 3.25 ins diameter, 3.25 ins deep
Our ref: 19CN53064

Bowl  c1850 Maker: Davenport  Pattern:Muleteer
Bowl c1850
Fabulous deep bowl with rolled rim. Pattern either side of the body and inside to the base and border pattern around the rim. Backstamp: Davenport. Light crazing with a little wear around the foot and just a hint of very minor discolouration inside. Overall excellent condition.
Dimensions: 20 cm diameter, 9.5 cm deep / 8 ins diameter, 3.75 ins deep
Our ref: 19CN45521

Feeding Cup c1825 Maker: Davenport  Pattern:Muleteer
Feeding Cup c1825
A delightful feeding cup in this lovely pattern. Backstamp: Muleteer Davenport. Light all over crazing with just a little minor discolouration mainly to the spout and two very small discreet hairlines to the rim.
Dimensions: 12.5 cm diameter, 7 cm deep / 5 ins diameter 2.75 ins deep
Our ref: 19CN30301

Vomit Pot c1850 Maker: Davenport  Pattern:Muleteer
Vomit Pot c1850
Such an unattractive name for such a delightful piece! These utility pieces from long ago, resemble a small chamber pot. Backstamp: Davenport. There is a little blue smudging and spotting here and there, a little minor wear to the handle and underneath a small manufacturing blemish, overall excellent condition
Dimensions: 12 cm diameter, 8 cm deep / 4.75 ins diameter, 3.25 ins deep
Our ref: 19CN55756


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