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Doulton Asiatic Pheasants China - 15 items found.

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Meat Dish or Platter c1880 Maker: Doulton  Pattern:Asiatic Pheasants
Meat Dish or Platter c1880
Lovely platter with wavy rim. Transfer just a little smudged in the centre. A slightly darker blue than usual. Blue printed back stamp
Dimensions: 32 cm x 26 cm / 12.75 ins x 10.25 ins
Our ref: ASPH21170

Meat Dish or Platter c1880 Maker: Doulton  Pattern:Asiatic Pheasants
Meat Dish or Platter c1880
Lovely meat dish with wavy rim. A little smudging to the transfer in the curve of the dish otherwise barely a scratch to the surface.
Dimensions: 38 cm x 31.5 / 15 ins x 12.5 ins
Our ref: ASPH21172

Vegetable Dish Base c1880 Maker: Doulton  Pattern:Asiatic Pheasants
Vegetable Dish Base c1880
Pretty rectangular dish with moulded side handles. Printed in a lovely soft blue. Has a small under rim chip to the handle and obvious stilt marks
Dimensions: 26 cm x 20 cm x 4 cm / 10.25 ins x 8 ins x 1.5 ins
Our ref: ASPH21163

Covered Dish c1880 Maker: Doulton  Pattern:Asiatic Pheasants
Covered Dish c1880
Gorgeous covered dish. The gently moulded cover has ornated embossed decoration around the central loop handle. Backstamp: Asiatic Pheasants Doultons. Inside the base there is a little discolouration to the stilt marks and one or two minor manufacturing blemishes. The cover has just a little very minor wear to the handle otherwise excellent condition. Overall absolutely fabulous.
Dimensions: Base 28 cm x 22 cm / Base 11 ins x 8.75 ins
Our ref: ASPH45892

Comport c1890 Maker: Doulton  Pattern:Asiatic Pheasants
Comport c1890
This round comport has a decorated splay foot and pierced side handles. It is of rather grand proportions and displays typical Doulton quality. The glaze is finely crazed, with a small area of the palest stain. Overall it is bright and clean and will grace any table. Blue printed Asiatic Pheasants cartouche with Doulton.
Dimensions: 26.5 cm diameter 7.5 cm high / 10.5 ins diameter 3 ins high
Our ref: ASPHR27134

Sauce Tureen c1880s Maker: Doulton  Pattern:Asiatic Pheasants
Sauce Tureen c1880s
Wonderful set of lidded tureen and stand. Backstamp: Asiatic Pheasants Doulton's. The stand has a little pitting and a couple of tiny chips under the rim. The tureen has a little discolouration mainly to the feet, also a small firing fault to one foot, inside a few minor manufacturing blemishes and a little minor wear to the rim. The lid has a tiny chip underneath to the inner rim which has discoloured slightly. The written description makes this sound awful, but it is in fact a delightful set.
Dimensions: Tureen 14 cm x 11 cm at neck / Tureen 5.5 ins x 4.25 ins at neck
Our ref: ASPH53948

Soup Tureen Stand c1880 Maker: Doulton  Pattern:Asiatic Pheasants
Soup Tureen Stand c1880
A stand for the large soup tureen, but a lovely piece in its own right with fabulous mouded side handles and wavy rim. Backstamp: Asiatic Pheasants Doulton's. There is a little discolouration on the back and to the outer rim and side handle and just a touch to the face. There are a few lines of crazing on the back, but overall this is a lovely piece.
Dimensions: 39 cm x 32 cm / 15.25 ins x 12.5 ins
Our ref: ASPH41536

Soup Tureen c1885 Maker: Doulton  Pattern:Asiatic Pheasants
Soup Tureen c1885
A superb soup tureen made by Doulton and in excellent condition. There is a chip on the end of one handle and a couple of tiny glaze defects on the bottom, but otherwise hardly a mark on it. The ladle has crazed glaze and a hairline, where the bottom of the handle and bowl join, which looks as if it was originally a firing or stress crack occurring during manufacture. Typical blue printed cartouche backstamp with Doulton's.
Dimensions: 32 x 23 cm 21.5 cm high / 12.5 x 9 ins 8.5 ins high
Our ref: ASPH31697

Sauce Boat c1890 Maker: Doulton  Pattern:Asiatic Pheasants
Sauce Boat c1890
This is a delight! A lovely little boat with pattern detail around the inside rim and to the inside of the spout, and also along the line of the handle. Excellent condition. Blue printed Doulton.
Dimensions: 17.5 cm from spout to handle, 9 cm high / 7 ins from spout to handle, 3.5 ins high
Our ref: ASPH29435

Plate c1900 Maker: Doulton  Pattern:Asiatic Pheasants
Plate c1900
Pretty little plate printed in a slightly darker blue than is usually associated with this pattern. Backstamp: Asiatic Pheasants Doultons. Light all over crazing with jus a thing of discolouration.
Dimensions: 19 cm / 7.5 ins
Our ref: ASPH47861

Plate c1880 Maker: Doulton  Pattern:Asiatic Pheasants
Plate c1880
Large wavy rim plate. Backstamp: Asiatic Pheasants Doulton. Light all over crazing with a little surface scratching and touch of discolouration to the outer rim. On the back there are a couple of small under rim chips and two glazing blemishes.
Dimensions: 28 cm diameter / 11 ins diameter
Our ref: ASPH21116

Dinner Plate c1880 Maker: Doulton  Pattern:Asiatic Pheasants
Dinner Plate c1880
Good condition with light crazing to glaze. Blue printed backstamp. Wavy rim.
Dimensions: 27.5 cm diameter / 10.75 ins diameter
Our ref: ASPH21124

Dinner Plate c1890 Maker: Doulton  Pattern:Asiatic Pheasants
Dinner Plate c1890
A little light crazing and knock to rim leaving unsprung chip, otherwise good condition. Blue printed backstamp.
Dimensions: 25.5 cm / 10 ins
Our ref: ASPH21118

Soup Plate c1885 Maker: Doulton  Pattern:Asiatic Pheasants
Soup Plate c1885
Lovely soup plate printed in a soft blue. Backstamp: Asiatic Pheasants Doulton. On the back, to the rim, there is just a little damage, most of which occured during manufacture and is glazed over. From the front it looks near perfect!
Dimensions: 24 cm / 9.5 ins
Our ref: ASPH42275

Soup Plate c1885 Maker: Doulton  Pattern:Asiatic Pheasants
Soup Plate c1885
Lovely large soup plate with wavy rim. Backstamp: Asiatic Pheasants Doulton. There is a manufacturing chip to the rim which has been glazed over otherwise excellent condition.
Dimensions: 26.5 cm / 10.5 ins
Our ref: ASPH42276


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