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Meat Dish or Platter with tree and well c1865 Maker: Eardley and Hammersley  Pattern:Asiatic Pheasants
Meat Dish or Platter with tree and well c1865
An absolutely stunning large dish with wavy rim and tree and well feature. Backstamp: Asiatic Pheasants E & H. Light all over crazing with just a hint of very minor discolouration and a touch of very minor wear to the outer rim. Overall excellent condition and a wonderful piece.
Dimensions: 50 cm x 41 cm / 19.5 ins x16 ins
Our ref: ASPH47925
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Footbath c1865 Maker: Eardley and Hammersley  Pattern:Asiatic Pheasants
Footbath c1865
Toilet ware in Asiatic Pheasants is rare and a footbath incredibly rare. We have never heard of another and the most extensive collection ever assembled did not include an example. This footbath was made by Eardley & Hammersley of Church Bank Works, Tunstall, Staffordshire, who were active 1862 to 1866, both their predecessors Beech & Hancock and successor Ralph Hammersley produced Asiatic Pheasants at Church Bank. The condition in detail. Inside the bath on the bottom is a hairline and another running along one side, where the bottom meets the side, but this does not show on the outside. Outside on the bottom is a star crack, part of which is the hairline showing through inside, and another at the other end, which does not show through. Our ceramic conservator has professionally stabilised all these cracks, so there is no chance of them worsening. They are not disfiguring as they are right inside or underneath the bath. At one end on the rim above a handle there is some wear to the glaze. As often there are a few minor stress cracks, which occurred in manufacture. The glaze is finely crazed with a little light associated staining in places, but nothing major. Fundamentally though, this bath looks near perfect and is a stunning item on display. This is the statement piece par excellence for the serious collector of Asiatic Pheasants. Blue printed backstamp of a crowned harp, with the pattern name and below the initials E & H. Measurements include handles.
Dimensions: 49.5 x 33 cm 21 cm / 19.5 x 13 ins 8.25 ins high
Our ref: ASPH40327
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Meat Dish or Platter c1880 Maker: Hammersley  Pattern:Asiatic Pheasants
Meat Dish or Platter c1880
Small platter with wavy rim. Some signs of wear to the rim. Blue printed backstamp
Dimensions: 33.5 cm x 27.5 cm / 13.25 ins x 10.75 ins
Our ref: ASPH21169
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Meat Dish or Platter c1899 Maker: Hammersley  Pattern:Asiatic Pheasants
Meat Dish or Platter c1899
This is absolutely gorgeous! A large wavy rim dish with a little minor surface scratching and minor signs of wear otherwise excellent condition. Blue printed backstamp for Ralph Hammersley and impressed date for November 1899.
Dimensions: 50 cm x 37 cm / 17.75 ins x 14.5 ins
Our ref: ASPH31777
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Covered Vegetable Dish c1884 Maker: Hammersley  Pattern:Asiatic Pheasants
Covered Vegetable Dish c1884
Gorgeous dish beautifully patterned to the cover, inside the base and around the outside. Moulded side handles to the base and to the cover. Backstamp: Asiatic Pheasants R. H. and impressed date for 1884. The base has light crazing with a little minor wear to the outer rim and inside one or two minor blemishes. The cover has the occasional minor blemish, overall is in excellent condition.
Dimensions: Base 28 cm x 21.5 cm / Base 11 ins x 8.5 ins
Our ref: ASPH47349
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Sauce Tureen c1881 Maker: Hammersley  Pattern:Asiatic Pheasants
Sauce Tureen c1881
Delightful set of stand, tureen and cover. The tureen and cover have gently moulded detail making this a most pleasing set. Backstamp: Asiatic Pheasants R H and impressed 81 on stand. The stand has light all over crazing with just a little wear to the outer rim and a touch of discolouration to the stilt marks. The tureen has a little wear to the rim otherwise excellent condition. The cover has a little minor wear underneath otherwise is in excellent condition. Overall absolutely gorgeous.
Dimensions: Tureen 13.5 cm x 11.5 cm at neck / Tureen 5.25 ins x 4.5 ins at neck
Our ref: ASPH44293
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Plate c1900 Maker: Hammersley  Pattern:Asiatic Pheasants
Plate c1900
Glaze crazed. Blue printed backstamp
Dimensions: 24 cm / 9.5 ins
Our ref: ASPH21125
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Plate c1887 Maker: Hammersley  Pattern:Asiatic Pheasants
Plate c1887
Lovely large plate with wavy rim. Backstamp: Asiatic Pheasants R Hammersley & Son. Light all over crazing with a little minor wear to the outer rim, overall very good condition.
Dimensions: 26.5 cm / 10.5 ins
Our ref: ASPH48379
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Plate c1892 Maker: Hammersley  Pattern:Asiatic Pheasants
Plate c1892
Ralph Hammersley & Son. These are really lovely plates. Just a little minor crazing otherwise superb. Impressed with date for 1892. Blue printed R Hammersley & Son
Dimensions: 24 cm / 9.5 ins
Our ref: ASPHS29373
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Soup Plate c1887 Maker: Hammersley  Pattern:Asiatic Pheasants
Soup Plate c1887
Large rimmed soup plate. Backstamp: Asiatic Pheasants R Hammersley & Son and impressed date for 1887. Surface scratching with some wear and on the back and to the outer rim some discolouration.
Dimensions: 25.5 cm / 10 ins
Our ref: ASPH47867
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Preserve Pot small c1920 Maker: Hammersley  Pattern:Dragon
Preserve Pot small c1920
With gilt. A superb very small preserve pot the lid with an opening for a spoon. Backstamp: Hammersley & Co Longton Stoke on Trent England E570. There is a little discolouration to the finial on the lid otherwise excellent condition.
Dimensions: 5 cm base diameter, 8 cm overall height / 2 ins base diameter, 3.25 ins overall height
Our ref: DRAG49491
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Soap Dish c1890 Maker: Hammersley  Pattern:Marjorie grey
Soap Dish c1890
Gorgeous set printed in a steely flow grey. Comprises of three pieces, base, strainer and lid. The strainer has light crazing with a small minor stain. The lid and base are fine.
Dimensions: 14.5 cm diameter / 5.75 ins diameter
Our ref: 19CN27207
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Chamber Pot c1890 Maker: Hammersley  Pattern:Nile
Chamber Pot c1890
A very attractive pot with extremely ornate handle and moulded detail around the base. Backstamp: Nile R H & S. A little minor wear to the rim and inside a little surface scratching otherwise excellent condition.
Dimensions: 22 cm diameter, 13.5 cm deep / 8.75 ins diameter, 5.25 ins deep
Our ref: 19CN54264
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Jug or Pitcher Hot Water c1915 Maker: Hammersley  Pattern:Two Temples
Jug or Pitcher Hot Water c1915
Bone China with gilt. A gorgeous little jug with cover. Backstamp: Hammersley & Co Longton England. It has a small very minor stain to the rim and a little crazing to the inner rim otherwise excellent condition.
Dimensions: 0.15 ltr, 11.5 cm high / 0.25 pint, 4.5 ins high
Our ref: HAMM42083
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Ginger Jar small c1930s Maker: Hammersley  Pattern:Unidentified Pattern colour
Ginger Jar small c1930s
Bone China with gilt rim around the cover. Delightful small ginger jars or covered vases. Backstamp: Hammersley Fine Bone China Made in England. Excellent condition. Floral decoration may vary slightly.
Dimensions: 12 cm high / 4.75 ins high
Our ref: HAMM47320
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Muffin Dish c1940s Maker: Hammersley  Pattern:Unidentified Pattern colour
Muffin Dish c1940s
Bone china with gilt rim. Lovely floral decoration to cover and inside base.
Dimensions: Base diameter 7.5 ins / Base diameter 7.5 ins
Our ref: HAMM22466
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Muffin Dish c1940s Maker: Hammersley  Pattern:Unidentified Pattern colour
Muffin Dish c1940s
Bone china with gilt rim. Also has printed mark of the retailers: T. Goode & Co Ltd London
Dimensions: Base diameter 19 cm / Base diameter 7.5 ins
Our ref: HAMM22469
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