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Rogers Athens China - 7 items found.

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Jug or Pitcher c1830 Maker: Rogers  Pattern:Athens
Jug or Pitcher c1830
Very pretty jug with moulded body and elegant scroll handle. Backstamp: Warranted Stone China and impressed Rogers There is a some wear and light discolouration mainly to the rim and the handle and underneath to the foot a very small chip. Sounds much worse than it looks, this is a lovely jug. Provenance: Edna Bizon Collection
Dimensions: 0.6 ltr, 13 cm high / 1 pint, 5 ins high
Our ref: 19CN22403

Jug or Pitcher c1830 Maker: Rogers  Pattern:Athens
Jug or Pitcher c1830
Fabulous large jug with lovely floral border to the rim, inside and out, and along the line of the handle. Backstamp: Athens. Light crazing with some associated light discolouration mainly to the handle, around the foot and inside. There are a couple of small glazing faults one to the foot just below the handle, the other inside and a little wear to the rim. As usual sounds much worse than it looks, this is a fabulous jug.
Dimensions: 2.25 ltr, 18.5 cm high / 3.75 pint, 7.25 ins high
Our ref: 19CN41991

Comport c1825 Maker: Rogers  Pattern:Athens
Comport c1825
An absolutely gorgeous piece! Probably a centrepiece from a dessert service. Lovely border pattern around the outside and to the foot, with main and border pattern inside the "bowl" with two ornate moulded and pierced side handles. Crazed with just a little light staining here and there, mainly underneath the bowl. The rim of the bowl has a hairline although this is noticeable mainly from underneath. Overall a magnificent piece.
Dimensions: 31.5 cm x 23 cm & 13.5 cm high / 12.5 ins x 9 ins & 5.25 ins high
Our ref: 19CN30278

Mug small c1830 Maker: Rogers  Pattern:Athens
Mug small c1830
Delightful small early mug. Backstamp: Warranted Stone China. Light all over crazing with just a little wear to the rim, overall excellent condition.
Dimensions: 9 cm diameter, 7.5 cm deep / 3.5 ins diameter, 3 ins deep
Our ref: 19CN50999

Plate c1830 Maker: Rogers  Pattern:Athens
Plate c1830
Made by John Rogers & Son of Dale Hall, Longport, Staffordshire active 1814 to 1836. Athens pattern is a series of different romantic scenes used depending on the size and shape of the piece being decorated. Backstamp: Impressed Rogers with 8 beneath and blue printed cartouche with Athens. There is a little wear to the rim otherwise excellent condition. A beautiful plate.
Dimensions: 25.5 cm / 10 ins
Our ref: 19CN47019

Bourdaloue c1830 Maker: Rogers  Pattern:Athens
Bourdaloue c1830
These oval pots go under various names, but their purpose was singular. Today most often called a bourdaloue supposedly so named after Pere Louis Bourdaloue (1632-1704) a Jesuit preacher at the court of Louis XIV, whose long sermons left the ladies of the court in some discomfort. However, the first known bourdaloue was of Dutch delftware and made about 1710, so this explanation appears to be apocryphal. They are also known as coach pots and crinoline slippers. They were designed to offer particular convenience for ladies forced to endure long coach journies, operas as well as church services. This was at a time when ladies' lower undergarments had two legs and were not joined, so these pots were relatively easy to use. The method of subsequent disposal is not covered in the published literature. This example is quite small and is by John Rogers & Son of Longport, Staffordshire active 1815 to 1842 and decorated with their Athens pattern, which is a series of romantic scenes with classical overtones. Backstamp: blue printed plain blue rectangle with Warranted Stone China within. Impressed 7. A few minor points on condition, there is a short stress line in the clay from the firing and a small round "kiss" mark in the glaze, where it has touched another item in the kiln. Overall excellent condition and especially good for a bourdaloue, which are often found much used.
Dimensions: 24 cm x 11 cm 12 cm high at handle / 9.5 ins x 4.25 ins 5 ins high at handle
Our ref: 19CN47859

Foot Bath c1830 Maker: Rogers  Pattern:Athens
Foot Bath c1830
A magnificent foot bath decorated with the classical Athens pattern printed in soft blue. Two superb moulded side handles. Backstamp: blue printed typical cartouche with ATHENS. There is wear and rubbing to the handles and rim and eight distinct chips to the rim. There is a faint star hairline and another straight hairline in the side, quite minor really. Wear to the foot and the middle of the base as it slumped or drooped in firing so touches the floor. Clearly had a life and been put to good use, but as foot baths go really rather lovely.
Dimensions: 54.5 x 37 cm 22 cm high / 21.5 x 14.5 ins 8.75 ins high
Our ref: 19CN51055


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