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Spode Two Temples China - 21 items found.

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Creamer or Jug c1820 Maker: Spode  Pattern:Two Temples
Creamer or Jug c1820
This is absolutely gorgeous. A beautiful shape small jug with lovely floral detail along the line of the handle which is topped with a small spur. Backstamp: Spode. Superb condition.
Dimensions: 0.3 ltr, 9.5 cm high / 0.5 pint, 3.75 ins high
Our ref: 19CN44302
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Teapot Stand c1879 Maker: Spode  Pattern:Two Temples
Teapot Stand c1879
Lovely piece standing on four small bun feet. Backstamp: Impressed Copeland above a crown and date for October 1879. The surface is scratched and there is wear around the outer rim mainly to the corners.
Dimensions: 15 cm across / 6 ins across
Our ref: 19CN44501
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Jam or Preserve Pot c1900 Maker: Spode  Pattern:Two Temples
Jam or Preserve Pot c1900
Bone china with gilt. Fantastic piece in Spodes fluted Chelsea shape. Superb condition. Pattern number 1 187, green printed Copelands China England.
Dimensions: 12.5 cm high, base diameter 7 cm / 4.75 ins high, base diameter 2.75 ins
Our ref: SPODE29690
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Meat Dish or Platter c1820 Maker: Spode  Pattern:Two Temples
Meat Dish or Platter c1820
Bone china with gilt. Gorgeous little platter. Backstamp: Spode Tiny blemish to the face otherwise excellent condition.
Dimensions: 25.5 cm x 19.5 cm / 10 ins x 7.75 ins
Our ref: 19CN43380
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Plate coupe c1878 Maker: Spode  Pattern:Two Temples
Plate coupe c1878
With gilt. Gorgeous rimless plate printed in a rich dark blue. Backstamp: Copeland and impressed date for 1878. A little minor surface scratching and wear to the gilt and on the back a little minor wear, overall excellent condition.
Dimensions: 25.5 cm / 10 ins
Our ref: SPODE56979
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Bowl c1810 Maker: Spode  Pattern:Two Temples
Bowl c1810
Bone china with gilt. A beautiful little bowl with main pattern around the outside and border pattern around the inside rim with a small cartouche of pattern inside to the base. Backstamp: Spode. There is a little wear to the gilt and some wear inside to the base otherwise in excellent condition especially as it is approaching its 200th birthday!
Dimensions: 16 cm diameter, 8 cm high / 6.25 ins diameter, 3.25 ins high
Our ref: 19CN42122
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Miniature Saucer c1875 Maker: Spode  Pattern:Two Temples
Miniature Saucer c1875
Bone china with gilt. This gorgeous little trembleuse style saucer fits the small can 1.75 ins diameter and 2 ins high, although as it is so shallow displays as well as a plate. Backstamp: Green printed Entwined C C Copeland. A little minor wear to the foot rim otherwise excellent condition.
Dimensions: 6.5 cm diameter / 2.5 ins diameter
Our ref: 19CN40942
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Teabowl Saucer c1820 Maker: Spode  Pattern:Two Temples
Teabowl Saucer c1820
This is Two Temples II also known as Broseley pattern. Printed in pale blue on bone china, with a gilt rim. Superb condition. Blue printed backstamp Spode. Provenance: The personal collection of Gresham Copeland, passing by descent to his son Robert Copeland. Collection identification label on back AGC 500.
Dimensions: 14.5 cm / 5.25 ins
Our ref: 19CN28035
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Cup and Saucer c1815 Maker: Spode  Pattern:Two Temples
Cup and Saucer c1815
Bone china with gilt. Bute shape cup. Backstamp: Blue printed Spode. There is some wear to the gilt otherwise excellent condition.
Dimensions: Cup 8 cm diameter, 5.5 cm high, saucer 14 cm / Cup 3.25 ins diameter 2.25 ins high saucer 5.5 ins
Our ref: 19CN42086
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Teabowl and Saucer c1810 Maker: Spode  Pattern:Two Temples
Teabowl and Saucer c1810
Bone china. Gorgeous teabowl and saucer with wavy rims. Backstamp: Spode. Underneath the saucer to the foot rim there is a tiny nick and to the foot of the bowl a tiny manufacturing blemish, overall excellent condition.
Dimensions: Teabowl 9 cm diameter 5 cm deep saucer 13.5 cm / Teabowl 3.5 ins diameter 2 ins deep saucer 5.25 i
Our ref: 19CN35971
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Plate or Stand small c1820 Maker: Spode  Pattern:Two Temples
Plate or Stand small c1820
Bone china with gilt. A gorgeous little piece, possibly a stand as it has a raised foot rim. Backstamp: Spode. A little very minor wear on the back to the foot rim otherwise excellent condition.
Dimensions: 10 cm / 4 ins
Our ref: 19CN49205
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Plate c1820 Maker: Spode  Pattern:Two Temples
Plate c1820
With gilt. Absolutely gorgeous little plate. Light crazing but the surface is clean and bright. Impressed Spode
Dimensions: 11.5 cm / 4.5 ins
Our ref: 19CN34852
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Plate c1820 Maker: Spode  Pattern:Two Temples
Plate c1820
With gilt. Gorgeous little plate with light crazing but still bright and clean. Impressed Spode
Dimensions: 12 cm / 4.5 ins
Our ref: 19CN34853
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Plate c1820 Maker: Spode  Pattern:Two Temples
Plate c1820
Gorgeous small plate with wavy rim. Backstamp: Printed and impressed Spode. Superb condition.
Dimensions: 11 cm / 4.25 ins
Our ref: 19CN43805
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Broth Pot c1875 Maker: Spode  Pattern:Two Temples
Broth Pot c1875
Bone china with gilt rim and printed in a rich bold blue. Lovely flower finial to the cover. One of the handles has a small hairline
Dimensions: 12.5 cm diameter / 4.75 ins diameter
Our ref: 19CN27357
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Egg Ring c1820 Maker: Spode  Pattern:Two Temples
Egg Ring c1820
Bone china. This is a wonderful little piece. There is a little minor wear around the rim otherwise in superb condition. The lower ring is slightly smaller than the top, to accommodate different size eggs! As with most egg hoops there are no makers marks, but we are fairly sure that this is by Spode.
Dimensions: 4.5 cm high, 4.5 cm lower diameter, 5 cm top / 1.75 ins high, 1.75 ins lower diameter, 2 ins top.
Our ref: 19CN31934
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Toast Rack c1820 Maker: Spode  Pattern:Two Temples
Toast Rack c1820
A wonderful five bar toast rack, in a shape unique to Spode. The five dividers are pierced and the end ones also decorated. The design is also known as Broseley pattern Backstamp: printed and impressed SPODE. Exceptionally for a toast rack this is in absolutely superb condition. Provenance Gillian Neale.
Dimensions: 25.5 cm x 9.5 cm / 10 ins x 3.75 ins
Our ref: 19CN43381
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Biscuit Jar c1900 Maker: Spode  Pattern:Two Temples
Biscuit Jar c1900
With gilt. This is a lovely jar. There is a little wear to the gilt of the jar and some discolouration around the rim. The cover has a chip to the under side of the rim (not noticeable when the cover is in situ')and some discolouration otherwise excellent.
Dimensions: 11 cm diameter, overall height 13 cm / 4.25 ins diameter, overall height 5 ins
Our ref: SPODE31867
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Biscuit Jar c1900 Maker: Spode  Pattern:Two Temples
Biscuit Jar c1900
A really lovely biscuit jar with gilt rim in superb condition. Bears Franks Boat Mark which was used between 1894 and 1910
Dimensions: / 4.5 ins d, 5.5 ins h
Our ref: SPODE21560
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Stand c1880 Maker: Spode  Pattern:Two Temples
Stand c1880
Bone china with gilt. A fabulous low stand with scalloped rim. Backstamp: Back to back C's, Copeland and impressed date for 1880. There is a little wear to the gilt otherwise excellent condition.
Dimensions: 28 cm diameter, 5 cm high / 11 ins diameter, 2 ins high
Our ref: 19CN48457
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Miniature Coffee Can and Saucer c1875 Maker: Spode  Pattern:Two Temples
Miniature Coffee Can and Saucer c1875
These miniature pieces were usually made for cabinet display rather than playthings for children. Fine quality bone china from a top manufacturer is hardly childs play. There is gilt decoration to the rims and handle which is worn on the rim of the can.
Dimensions: Cup 4.5 cm diam 5 cm high / Cup 1.75 ins diam 2 ins high
Our ref: SPODE20763
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