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Unattributed Maker Fisherman China - 11 items found.

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Pickle Dish c1800 Maker: Unattributed Maker  Pattern:Fisherman
Pickle Dish c1800
Porcelain. A small leaf shape pickle dish printed in dark cobalt blue. Backstamp: Impressed mark of an elliptical O.
Dimensions: 9.5 x 9.5 cm / 3.75 x 3.75 ins
Our ref: 19CN31470

Butter Boat c1800 Maker: Unattributed Maker  Pattern:Fisherman
Butter Boat c1800
Porcelain. No backstamp. This is a gorgeous little boat sitting on three small feet. The handle and immediate external area has been restored and there is a small minor chip to the rim, but overall absolutely lovely.
Dimensions: 9 cm long, 2.5 cm high / 3.5 ins long, 1 ins high
Our ref: 19CN41429

Platter small c1810 Maker: Unattributed Maker  Pattern:Fisherman and Castle
Platter small c1810
Fabulous small platter with pierced detail to the rim. Backstamp: Impressed daisy. Light all over crazing with just a little minor wear to the outer rim, overall excellent condition and an absolute joy!
Dimensions: 25.5 cm x 19.5 cm / 10 ins x 7.75 ins
Our ref: 19CN52033

Plate c1815 Maker: Unattributed Maker  Pattern:Fisherman and Castle
Plate c1815
So much to see on this fabulous chinoiserie plate. No backstamp. Light crazing with a little minor wear to the rim and some surface scratching, but overall excellent condition.
Dimensions: 24 cm / 9.5 ins
Our ref: 19CN45830

Dish Shell Shape c1800 Maker: Unattributed Maker  Pattern:Fisherman and Cormorant
Dish Shell Shape c1800
Small shell dish with fluted body. This pattern is also known as Fisherman or Pleasure Boat made by Caughley.
Dimensions: 11.5 cm x 11.5 cm / 4.5 ins x 4.5 ins
Our ref: 19CN21784

Teabowl Saucer c1830 Maker: Unattributed Maker  Pattern:Fisherman and Statue
Teabowl Saucer c1830
Made in England. This is a given name by the Transferware Collectors Club. A superb little saucer. No backstamp. A little very light crazing and minor wear underneath to the foot rim otherwise excellent condition.
Dimensions: 13 cm diameter, 3 ins deep / 5.25 ins diameter, 1.25 ins deep
Our ref: 19CN48854

Plate c1840 Maker: Unattributed Maker  Pattern:Fishermans Hut
Plate c1840
An absolutely fabulous pattern with the wide floral border incorporated into the scene. No backstamp. Crazed with some discolouration but this is mainly on the back, the outer rim is worn and there is just a tiny loss of glaze to the stilt marks.
Dimensions: 25 cm / 10 ins
Our ref: 19CN48514

Jug or Pitcher c1820 Maker: Unattributed Maker  Pattern:Fishermen with Nets
Jug or Pitcher c1820
Delightful version of this pattern set in an English rural scene rather than the oriental setting usually seen and printed in a steely blue.The pattern continues around the jug with no repeats and no break in the transfer. There are a few "nibbles" around the spout, a small rim chip and a small glazing fault to the body. Otherwise superb - this is a lovely jug.
Dimensions: 11 cm high, 0.4 ltr / 4.25 ins high, 0.75 pint
Our ref: 19CN24442

Dish c1820 Maker: Unattributed Maker  Pattern:Fishermen With Nets
Dish c1820
A fabulous dish in a lovely shape with pattern on the inside only. No backstamp. Light all over crazing and a little loss of glaze to the stilt marks overall excellent condition.
Dimensions: 24 cm x 21 cm & 4 cm deep / 9.5 ins x 8.25 ins & 1.5 ins deep
Our ref: 19CN53090

Plate c1820 Maker: Unattributed Maker  Pattern:Fishermen with Nets
Plate c1820
Absolutely gorgeous plate. Backstamp: Blue printed x. A little minor wear to the outer rim otherwise excellent condition.
Dimensions: 25.5 cm / 10 ins
Our ref: 19CN43694

Dessert Comport c1830 Maker: Unattributed Maker  Pattern:Fishermen with Nets blue with colour
Dessert Comport c1830
Fishermen with Nets is a pattern most often assciated with Robert Hamilton, however there are also distinctly English and extremely Eastern versions, as well as the version here, which whilst broadly similar to Hamilton has a number of differences. The most striking thing about this comport is that it has been hand-painted over the glaze. At first sight we wondered if it had been done after manufacture, however, further research turned up a complete dessert service decorated in this fashion, so rare, but not unique! No maker's backstamp and only a blue printed 5 workman's mark. The glaze is finely crazed and there is a short hairline on one side, that gets lost in the pattern, and a little minor wear to the rim, otherwise in excellent condition. Ideal if you like your blue and white to be colourful.
Dimensions: 30.5 x 20.5 cm 11 cm high / 12.25 x 8 ins 4.5 ins high
Our ref: 19CN42617


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